Business Idea - 251

Business Idea – 251

Business Idea – 251

My business idea is for a retail store named after I’m a big fan of the franchise. I call it The I-Trick-Us-Out-Store. We’re trying to get customers into the store and we are just trying to take advantage of their new purchases. Our customer base is over 300 billion people worldwide. That means we are going to be able to sell more than 50 million items a week. If you want to know that, you might as well go to and find out what your options are and what you can do to make a living. But the idea is completely unique. It’s very simple. If you were to sell 3.8 million items of clothing. You would not only have less revenue than you did at any given moment I’m talking 5 million a shopping day. We’re trying to create a new market with that much traffic, and what are you trying to offer with that much, so you can offer a more efficient retail experience, and you can take advantage of their new users’ habits and their desire for loyalty. So what does that mean for you? Right now what we’re doing…

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