Business Idea - 228

Business Idea – 228

Business Idea – 228

My business idea is for a retail store named “Junkie’s”, which you’ll see in the next couple of months. Why? I’m a big fan of the word junkie, but, as you may know, that term has been widely popularized in recent years by people who think it’s just a term that describes people who want to buy whatever they want, but, because of its popularity, it seems to have become a con game. A number of people (and, to my mind, a small minority) are claiming that junkie stores are making more money by selling food, which, if the junkie store is successful, would give them more money in the long run. So, I have to tell you, junkie stores is actually selling a pretty good thing. I just need some time to study it to understand how I think it works. Okay, so I can see that what I was talking about is, in fact, a bit of a misnomer, but I’ll get to it in a bit. Junkies are a huge part of the economy.

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