Business Idea - 225

Business Idea – 225

Business Idea – 225

BR>My business idea is “Duke Nukem One-Day Battle Royale” which was conceived and launched by me and my friends at Koei Tecmo in 1994, which was a long time ago. I wanted to create a game made up of two halves of the same experience, where you have to beat a few things, all to complete the game. Then you have to battle against a huge arena of monsters and your friends. In this game you are all the players and you have to find a way out of a maze and survive. There are 4 levels of the game and 1 of the 3 levels are harder than normal. I got the idea of the game as a way for people to get more out of this game and get more out of it. The concept of Duke Nukem One Day Battle Royale is the same as in the NES game called “One-Day Battle Royale”. In this way we decided that it would be very popular. I did not want to leave it as you have seen before. My only intention for this game is to be a fun way to enjoy the game. I thought it would be really fun for fans…

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