Business Idea - 220

Business Idea – 220

Business Idea – 220

My business idea is “Million Dollar Pyramid”. It has been called that since 1997. It is not called pyramid, but rather a $10 million pyramid. It works exactly as it is designed to. What it does is set a limit of the number of investors in a given investment fund. Investors who decide to invest in a pyramid must also get approval from the same level of government that owns the building. This allows them to get a much larger share of the company. The pyramid is an investment in the company that generates the revenue. This is how it works. The first pyramid investors to secure a stake in an investment fund must also give a short time of time to the firm who will then set the limit. This time, the company controls the investment fund. After that, if the investor fails to get this right, the pyramid owner is required to send a check to the appropriate government agency that will receive the value of their investment. With this first check, the company then checks the status of the investment fund and decides if it will be a pyramid or not. In order for an investor to get a pyramid ownership stake, he must submit a short and a…

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