Business Idea - 208

Business Idea – 208

Business Idea – 208

My business idea is Icons. I am really, really happy with it! Icons is the new business concept that I created for my Etsy shop and it’s really fun. It’s very easy and fast-paced. A lot of things have been asked about the design of Icons and that’s really exciting. I think the first thing that really caught my eye is that the logo was just a combination of my initials and Icons. And you know how you come up with a name like that? So you actually did the little logo and there was a logo that was actually a little bit different. I’m just really happy. So how did Icons come about? I’ve always wanted to do a website to make a website. At first, I thought it would be a bit niche and some kind of niche website in the sense that it was trying to do something different and some sort of a business. But it turned out that it was really cool and the people were really impressed. Then I started looking for something like that. A website to use the logo. So you guys came up with the idea…

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