Business Idea - 206

Business Idea – 206

Business Idea – 206

My business idea is for an app named “Strip the Line”. I think it’s a very interesting idea and I have to admit that many of them just came out too early. It’s a pretty simple app but in a few examples you can see, it’s actually pretty simple to use because there are not many of these buttons like in the current version. I am using different widgets and a lot of them are quite powerful and in addition, you can create individual sections and sections to help you get into the flow of the app quickly. In a few examples, you can add some buttons to a section to give some info or to check out something. In these case, you can create a section with a button that tells you where exactly to place a button. The buttons are just an add-on button that you can add to the app. Once you’ve created a section and set up the navigation, you can see the list of links on your phone as you look around. In some cases it is also possible to use a little bit of navigation, for example you can click on a link that says “Where to find the map?” You can move it…

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