Business Idea - 192

Business Idea – 192

Business Idea – 192

My business idea is ‘I Want Everything’ – a Kickstarter initiative to raise $2 Million for the family of a critically endangered fish. It has been successful. We are using the crowdfunding campaign to raise up to $100 Million for our family. Our goal is simply to raise $100 Million to pay for things like the aquariums and equipment to take care of the family and the kids. We have some huge projects on my wish list. You can read more about them here and here (or just go to my main website). The first part of the campaign was a personal trip to Antarctica – with pictures and money which will go directly to the family. This is why I plan to donate $5 million to raise the money on my wishlist – I want to keep the family alive and healthy and give them some food and clothing. We will spend every cent needed to get the family to the coast of Antarctica – to go through the Arctic with them, meet their families, and make an offer to them. If we can raise up to $50 Million, we will send our children to school, meet their parents, go shopping with them…

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