Business Idea - 189

Business Idea – 189

Business Idea – 189

BR>My business idea is FUTURE TRUCK FOR THE WASHINGTON POST. Why? Because if Trump would give us $100 million and tell us what he thinks our taxes should be, it’d have a really big impact on the rest of this country. “In the meantime, you may look at this as what we just got. It seems to me that $50 billion could be a pretty good deal.” He’s right, but we are paying taxes for what? A big chunk of this country’s wealth — 20.9 percent of it. Well, that’s the truth. The big question is, what does that really mean? We’re getting it right. We’re not getting tax cuts now. The tax cuts expire at the end of this term. We need to figure out what this is about. We need to figure out what the taxes will be under these plans, and we need to figure out why we’re being taxed so unfairly. Rightnow, there’s no simple answer to that. We know we’re paying taxes for the fact we’re not getting them — our…

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