Business Idea - 187

Business Idea – 187

Business Idea – 187

My business idea is for an app named Googles. Googles is just a web application that gives you simple tools to create a simple, fun way to get started with Google search. We’ve created a very simple and easy and efficient way to create search queries on Google, so that when you’re looking for a new website and you search for a new search term in Google, you can always search on the same terms again. With Googles, you can just search on the same keywords you would have with a traditional tool like Google but it can also search on keywords that are more specific within your search term, and it can easily compare your results with other websites in your home search box. How It Works Googles uses keyword discovery to quickly find new keywords. When you do this, you can see how many new keywords have been added to your search, and see how many of them have been removed before you can search on those keywords again.

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