Business Idea - 186

Business Idea – 186

Business Idea – 186

My business idea is for a retail store named “The Ultimate Retail Shop.” I came up with the name because it reminded me of the old school Walgreens. I just love the idea of creating a shopping experience. It’s my dream job and my wife is really into this but she’s getting a lot of feedback on it from retailers. We’re looking to create an independent retail store across the street from The Depot, but is there any other store that is the perfect fit for your store? I always looked at it as an example of a Walgreens store that I would like to sell on my own. I’ve been looking for a store in the area for so long that I’ve really wanted one, but the stores in my area (Lincoln, Omaha, etc.) are just so busy growing right now, it’s difficult for me to put together a successful store. Even though the place has moved in, I want to focus primarily on my craft beer, but the idea of creating a retail store for my family, I want to be sure to keep it as close to the craft beer scene as possible. Why would you want to create such…

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