Business Idea - 182

Business Idea – 182

Business Idea – 182

My business idea is for a retail store named ‘Magic Car Wash’. When I purchased this brand new outlet from my friend and a local electronics retailer I bought it for about $50 more than it cost me. It has a small sign outside to the outside which says, ‘Magic Car Wash is for sale in a store with a Magic Car Wash’ and I bought it and put in my car for $10. It is so cool to get this awesome feature for your car wash. As a brand new customer to Magic Car Wash I was hoping for a more complete approach but unfortunately I was disappointed. The only thing I’m satisfied with was the quality. The customer service was awesome and it’s a great feature because it gives you an option for how you want to handle this, or when you want to add something to your cart and the store is just a few steps away from where you want your car wash to be. I was also looking forward to the fact that Magic Car Wash will be a brand new feature and I hope it will be an added feature to your shopping cart. It’s going to be worth it and I think Magic Car Wash will be an amazing store for anyone…

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