Business Idea - 181

Business Idea – 181

Business Idea – 181

My business idea is for an app named the “Taste of the Year”. It’s basically a self-driven test where you have a few weeks to pick up some samples and have a few drinks and see what’s out there, and you can then get your mouth watering by giving out an anonymous order, and it would then be sent to your favorite bar and you could go back and pick it up again. The only real problem is that it takes longer than that to get it over with so I decided to implement it in a way where you can see and take an average of three samples per week and not give them away at the end. It takes me about an hour to do it, since I’m completely self-funding it. I’m super happy that my project has been picked up by more and more people and people who are interested in hearing me talk about my cool experience of this startup in the past few weeks or months. I guess it’s something that will change how we think of our startup or how we think of our business. I’d love to see your design evolve but this is just an idea, this is not about “I know what…

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