Business Idea - 177

Business Idea – 177

Business Idea – 177

My business idea is after my grandfather! It’s about creating a game for a family of ten kids with many disabilities. As the games get updated, that can be a big challenge. My mom and dad both worked on “The Mummy” and have been doing video games at school for about three years. She’s been doing it since she was a child and her dad is a game designer. She is excited that their new game will open them up with people that have had to deal with the challenges of school and work in this world. I recently received word that our family needs to have access to games. This is something I absolutely love working at with my husband. His game “Mummy” will open up a lot of doors for us children! I hope you play the game and see the joy I give to my children every chance they get. “A Tale of Two Worlds”, as you may know by now, is an amazing game, and one that is going to make families and their families all come together in one big adventure. This new title will bring two very different worlds together, one of them a land of unic…

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