Business Idea - 176

Business Idea – 176

Business Idea – 176

My business idea is for an app named “Coffee Cup”. It’s an app that you can use to let your friends and family take a cup of coffee from the bar while you take in other people’s pictures. It does this really cool thing of giving you a ‘welcome to the world’. What is Coffee Cup? I’m writing this post because it’s super timefilling for my next coffee cup (this one came out during my second semester after finishing college so hopefully I will be able to get started soon). The reason why I wrote this blog is because i have so many requests! I want to get my coffee fix to be easy to use and easy for everyone to start using. I want a great feel of coffee, clean, safe and tasty. I want people to be able to have coffee while they’re at work, or playing with friends. I want people to feel comfortable with coffee for a while after they finish their day. I really want people to enjoy the flavor of coffee while they’re at work. My goal is to get people to make their own coffee using this idea. Coffee Cup is the result of…

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